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About VND Construction Inc

Our Swimming Pool Design and Construction Process

At the heart of our philosophy as experienced swimming pool contractor is the understanding that a successful project is comprised of two main components; a great design coupled with a great swimming pool builder who can execute the design. One without the other simply doesn’t work. It is for that reason that we have who we feel is the best swimming pool designer in the industry and a construction department that is second to none, serving clients in Sacramento valley and surrounding area.

As an experience swimming pool remodeling contractor, we have a thorough process. The swimming pool design phase is the first step for all of our projects, which means we deliver exactly what our clients are looking for in a swimming pool and minimize the surprises that we all hate. Before beginning construction on a project, our swimming pool designer meets with the client and creates a plan that fits his or her unique swimming pool vision. Then, we build the swimming pool project following the specific requirements that our swimming pool designers and clients have discussed under our direct supervision and per our quality standards which far exceed those of the industry at large.

We manage this entire process in an effective and timely manner so that you don’t have to. VND Construction Inc.  is a swimming pool contractor with commitment to both exceptional swimming pool design and building has served our clients well and take pride in creating excellent swimming pools and landscape for decades to come.

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